Saturday, August 18, 2012

Family Weekend - Part 3 - The Family Olympics

In Part 1 of this series of posts, I mentioned that last year, Robert had initiated a new tradition - the "Hutchy Family Olympics".  Since it was kind of a last minute idea last year, the trophy was a plastic dollar store cup with the winners' names printed with a sharpie onto the cup.  Still, those of us whose names were ON that cup were pretty proud of ourselves.   It was agreed that the 'Family Olympics' was a great idea and should be a part of our yearly weekend gathering.  

With that in mind, I purchased a 'real' trophy - metal cup and places for 8 years worth of engraved 'plates', the first year being 2011 with the 'sharpie' names transferred to the metal cup.    

We were all anxious to win that new trophy!  (Especially Seth, who watched Kaden take last year's trophy to his trailer)

I'm keeping this photo small for now.....and don't click on it, either, or you'll spoil the surprise as to who won it.

So, Saturday was taken up largely with the 'Olympic Games'.

Melanie suggested we begin with the National Anthem then, after we all stood up patriotically, she surprised Vinj by playing the Zambian anthem on her iPhone.  He was touched and slightly embarrassed as he stumbled through the words.

After that, we sang our own anthem.

Rob had divided us into 3 teams - well, actually, 4 teams, but most of the 4th team were not able to be there for Saturday afternoon.

We began with competition between the children - a foot race, ball toss, and soccer kick.  The big girls competed against each other and the toddlers had separate races.  The winners of these tournaments gained points for their respective teams so even the youngest team members contribute to the over all win.

We were all amazed to see how fast Seth could run!

The boys and little girls raced separately and we laughed heartily to see the way Taliah and Ava approached the finish line, in contrast to the little boys.....

All 5 little ones have grown so much over this past year - last year, they didn't quite understand the concept of a race and Ava had just learned to walk.  It will be fun to see their progress as the years pass.

Kaden wasn't too happy about losing to Seth....

We all enjoy watching the competitions -

Here are the big girls' racing....

After the footraces, there was a contest to see who could kick a soccer ball the farthest.....

And then, who could throw a baseball the farthest....

( wasn't Ava.  LOL)

We 'older' folks get to just sit back, drink our coffee, watch, and enjoy the show!

The next event was a scavenger hunt.  Primarily for the children, each team had to send at least one adult with the youngsters as well.   Victoria's team came back the soonest with all the items on the list.

Scavenger hunt winners:

And we move on to the water balloon toss.....

Looks like Liz and Ty's balloon broke first.

Gus had a front row seat for every event, one way or another.  Or maybe this is Andrew, 'conditioning' himself for the afternoon's games.  Walking around with a baby hanging off your shoulders is a workout!  (Just ask Candice - she does it every day)

Robert had 'ribbons' from the dollar store to award the little kids.

They proudly wore their prizes all day.

Titus even insisted on wearing his to church the next day.

Besides ribbons, Rob and Lana provided books of stickers for each child.   Seth and Kaden wore these prizes while they let their little sisters wear the ribbons.  (There were only 3 ribbons)  

(This time)

Well, enough for now.....we will continue with the "Hutchy Family Olympics" in the next post.

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