Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Campout - Part 7

Continuing with Sunday afternoon......

My granddaughter pointed out a few weeks ago that I needed to update my 'grandchildren' photo on my blog, so this seemed an opportune time to do so.

Arranging 12 children, 9 of them under 5, is no easy task.  Rob started out being the one to do so, but just after this photo, he stepped in a hole and wrenched his ankle pretty badly.

The mommies took over while Rob laid on the grass and fought the shock and pain.

Dozens of photos were taken, none of the great but what can you expect?

Here are some of the best....

In case you cannot tell them apart, from left to right they are :
Emma (12 yr) holding Chawezi (12 months), Taliah (3 yrs), Kaden (4 yrs) leaning on Finn's carseat (Finn is 2 months).  Beside Kaden is Elizabeth (11 yrs) holding Gus (5 months).  Seth (4 yrs) is beside Liz and then is Sophia (9 yrs) holding Judah (5 months).  Beside Finn is Ava (2 1/2 yrs) and then Titus (3 1/2 yrs).

Votes on the best one?

When the children were released, Jim filled in the ankle wrenching hole.

We mostly relaxed for the rest of the afternoon and LadderBall was a favorite activity.

My niece, Suzanne and Judah.

Andrew keeps the firewood stocked....

And Ava went for a 'ride' on the tractor.....

My BIL, Ken....

As the sun began to get lower in the sky, it was necessary for everyone to either cover up completely (and it was too warm for that) or wear Deet perfume....

Ty seems to have opted to cover up most of his skin....

Supper over with, the treats came out.......

Marshmallows over the fire - the kids, at least, love those!

Chawezi's fun on the slip and slide left him needing to wear his sister's pants.  Poor boy.

Dessert.......The grandmas had brought pies and rhubarb crisp.  Not sure where the donuts and cookies came from - probably our resident professional baker (Suzanne)

Before it got full dark, we decided a tie breaking game needed to be played to determine the winners of the Trophy.

An exciting game of Viking Chess was played between Robert's team and Andrew's team.  It appeared as though Rob's team was going to win - hands down.  However, the 'losing' team did not give up and in an epic finish, the underdogs won!

(I'm not sure why I did not take any photos of the game - probably the light was too low.)

Most of the team posed for a photo with the prize..... (Seth was super excited, although he was not allowed to play in the final game)

Kaden was not on the winning team, but he wanted to pose with the trophy too.

The names on the 2012 plate read:

Andrew, Candice, Kathryn, Vinjelu, Melanie, Emma, Seth, Taliah, Gramma J

But the special events did not end with the cup.

While the tie breaking game was going on, Jim was setting up an outdoor movie.

Dan supplied a new white construction tarp which he helped his dad attach to the side of the trailer.   We chose a 'family classic' - the Princess Bride.  We watched that movie so often when our kids were small we went through 2 VHS versions of it.  Our kids could quote the movie listening only to the soundtrack, which was done by Mark Knoppler one of Jim's favorite musicians.

Of course, we had to wait until about 11 pm for it to be dark enough to see the movie, and it was agreed on that although it is a family rated story there are some parts that the little ones might find too scary, so the younger children were settled in their beds first.  Those that had to go to work the next morning also retired to their beds but that still left a good number of movie watchers.

We are already talking about which movie to show next year - and how to improve on the 'screen'.

Next morning - Monday.

Vinj and Kath were off to a Pastor's Camp today; Daniel, Andrew, Ken, Scott, and Suzanne had to work so our numbers were down.

Finn started his day in the morning sun, inside the house....

The main excitement of this afternoon was target shooting for the children.

Yes, I said for the children.

Kaden has a small sized .22 single shot rifle and has been learning about  safety and use.  Mike instructed the kids on the importance of taking this exercise seriously and then on the proper use of the rifle and how to aim.  He set up a number of bottles filled with water....

And, although I have several GREAT photos of the kids shooting at these targets, I am not sharing them on the internet!  

The girls succeeded in hitting their targets after a few lessons.

Once Sophia had a toque to keep her hair out of her eyes, she did well - 2 with one shot!

The afternoon ended with a chat around the fire.

As this photo shows, the Ritchies came back after their work was done.

All in all, the weekend was a huge success. 

Nothing better than spending several days playing, eating, and working together.  

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The last posted kid picture was the best one, most of the kids are actually looking at the camera.