Thursday, July 26, 2012

Never Thought We'd Have These!

Kittens, that is.

Somewhere around here, there is a Mama Cat who abandoned her kittens after Bella (Rob's dog) discovered them and my compassionate grandchildren and DIL moved them up to the barn loft.

Since Mama had given them up, Krystal and Daniel undertook their care, bringing them to their home until they could eat on their own when they returned them to the barn loft.   When they are bigger and able to defend themselves against Bella, the loft door will be opened and they will wander at will - hopefully eating more than their share of rodents.   For now, Krystal cares for them every few days, making sure they have food and water.

Not too much food, though.......they can start on the mice in the loft.

They have names, as well......Romulus, Remus, and Octavia......Good, strong Roman names.

I wonder where all those bikes came from?

Maybe we should get rid of them.

My barn seems to spawn weird collections of things.

Just saying'.

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