Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Moving Forward.....

I've posted often in the last year on the fact that we are turning our attatched garage into part of our living space.  There have been photos of the initial garage 'demolition' and many photos of Mike building the floor or installing insulation as well as some photos of his brothers, Andrew and Daniel, helping him in these endeavors. 

Well, things are beginning to come together.

After about 10 years of talking about doing this, I actually believe we WILL have 600 extra square feet well BEFORE Christmas!

Michael has diligently researched and made time to come out to our house to put his knowledge to work.

And yesterday, I played the role of General Contractor.   I visited 6 different suppliers to price out windows and learned a bit as I went along. 

Our expectation was that we would have to wait at least a month for the windows we want to be delivered.  My first stop confirmed this expectation and the quote I came away with for a large window at the front and a 'regular' size window on the side was for very nearly $2000 and a delivery date of the end of July.

My second stop was unplanned - I just happened to notice that the sign on the windshield repair shop advertised windows as well.   The man behind the desk took one look at the measurements I gave him and told me he had some windows IN STOCK because they had been ordered in a wrong size.  He took me out to look at them - one of them was just what we wanted for the front of the room but the other was too big for the existing opening on the north wall.

He sent me away for a half hour so he could work out a price for me.   I was thrilled when I came back and the number he'd written down was HALF what my first quote was!   After consulting with Michael, Ken (my BIL contractor) and my husband, I snapped that baby up! 

Someone else's mistake was my blessing.
Four more stops, complete with waiting to talk to the 'window guy', answer all the same questions, describe our desires, and wait for the computer to come up with a number and I was ready to make a decision.  The lowest quote (not by much, but still lower) was also the only place that pretty much guaranteed delivery in three weeks at the most.  July 9, to be exact.   I made the order, so pleased that I got both windows for the price of one!

We are hoping to have the windows installed by July 21 when the family will all gather for our 'July Birthday Party' to celebrate the 11 birthdays we commemorate in that very full month.   We want to incorporate a 'going through the wall' party into the birthday festivities.

Of course, we won't be actually taking the wall down that day, since it will make too much mess with so many people around, but we will make a passage - way so we can come and go between the two parts of what will SOON be one room.

I am getting so excited.

Inspired by the good deal I got on the window, last night I spent a bit of time looking on Kijiji for a gas heater/stove.  Maybe we can get that large purchase for half price, too! 

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Jerralea said...

Oh remodeling is so exciting! You really need the room with all your grands.

Remember, post lots of pictures - oh, I guess I don't have to remind you. You are so good at sharing photos.

Btw, I'll be writing you soon - I haven't forgotten you!