Monday, April 14, 2014

Hezekiah in 'Hosiple'

This is a little bit of 'old news' - as in a week old - but not everyone who follows my blog is up to date on what's going on.

On April 6 Kathryn took Hezekiah in to the hospital because a bad cold was exacerbating his breathing difficulties and the monitor she has at home showed his oxygen levels to be fairly low.  

(In the ER, being monitored before being admitted)

He was admitted and put on a monitor showing his respirations, heart rate, and O2 levels.   He was also 'on' oxygen.

He was pretty miserable.  I did not see him, but I could hear him over the phone - coughing hard, snorting, and even what sounded a little like choking.

During the night, his respirations went down to 0 - 3 times.

As you can imagine, Kathryn did not sleep.

Chawezi was also sick at home - a fact that worried Kathryn considerably.    Vinj was splitting his time between home and the hospital and Linda was there to look after the other kids, but she is unused to caring for 6 kids - one of them being quite sick - so I offered to take Wezi for the duration of Hezekiah's hospital stay.

Still being sick myself, I did not feel up to managing all 3 kids and Wezi is actually the least amount of 'work' - he sleeps all afternoon and the rest of the time he plays quite happily by himself.

So, Monday afternoon Jim and I went to visit Wightson and Linda for the first time since they arrived and we brought Wezi home with us.  The fact that there are NO photos from the 2 or 3 days I had Wezi is testament to how I was feeling.

Jim was still sleeping in the other room, attempting to avoid getting whatever 'bug' that had put me down for 2 weeks so I was going to put Chawezi in bed with me.   Surprisingly, he would have none of that!!!   "No!  I want MY bed.  I want MY blanket!"   So, we brought 'his' bed and blanket into my room (the playpen and a couch blanket).  He happily went to sleep and thankfully slept all night - no coughing fits as we'd expected.

In the meantime, Hezekiah was still on oxygen and monitors.....

The next day, I took Wezi to the 'hosiple' to visit his mommy (he was very homesick for his mommy) and Hezekiah.   Again, I took no photos - even on my phone.

(all photos on this post are from Kathryn - some texted, some from facebook)

Wezi was very lonesome for his mommy so I took him home after his nap that day.  Vinj took a shift with Hezekiah and Kath came home for a short time to be with her other kids.

Hezekiah looks to be less sick in today's (9th) photos.....  In fact, he was reported to be doing much better - no incidents for at least 24 hours,  and he was not coughing quite so much.  Only thing keeping him in hospital was his O2 saturation - still not high enough to go home.

Kath texted this photo to Jim and I - showing us that he has begun to sit up by himself.  She also reported that he has 2 teeth.

I notice the oxygen tubes are off for the moment....

Next day, April 10, Hezekiah's oxygen levels were staying in the high 90's so he was released to go home.

Back at home.....

The whole time Hezekiah was in hospital, the specialist at the Stollery was involved by telephone or computer (not sure which) in his care.   It was easier for the family for him to be monitored in Wetaskiwin so that Vinj and Kath could spend some time each day with their other kids as well.   The 'accommodation' in Wetaskiwin was lousy (they got the 'closet room') and the nursing staff not as knowledgable about apnea as those at the Children's Hospital, but as far as just being monitored is concerned - it is the same equipment.

I thank and praise God for keeping this little guy breathing IN SPITE of whatever is wrong that makes him 'forget' to take a breath.   I thank God for putting Hezekiah in someone's arms everytime there has been a major incident - someone who was actually paying attention to how/if he was breathing.

I am amazed at the physical strength He gives Hezekiah's parents IN SPITE of the extreme sleep deprivation they experience because of this 'little problem' their baby has.  (Especially Kathryn).

And I pray that soon....VERY soon......Hezekiah will 'outgrow' or be healed of this condition - OR that the 'powers that be' in the medical system will relent and give him a more sophisticated monitor than we have already or a CPAP machine so there can be some restful sleep happening on his parents' parts.

In the meantime, I thank God for getting him through this bout of respiratory 'flu' - and for his parents' wisdom in knowing when to take him to the ER.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Text and Facebook Photos from March

Well, two weeks after being hit by some kind of bronchial/respiratory sickness, I'm still not 100%.   This week has been kind of 'blah' and I made myself act like I was sick for two of those days.

In other words, I did not leave my house.  I got lots of rest and drank lots of water.

The next day I felt pretty good - which was fortunate, since I had some major errands to run.  

But enough of me and my issues.......

I've obviously not had a lot going on around me to record - either in words or photos - BUT there was plenty on facebook and texting from last month, which gives a little peek into the lives of my children's families.......

(BTW......these photos are not in any kind of chronological order) (or any other kind of logical order)

Titus and Finn - I'm not real sure what they are doing, actually.   But you can see Lana's first attempt at a cable knit sweater in progress laying on the ottoman......

I don't know where this was taken, but I love the way this photo captures Gus's fascination with the electric train.....

Judah loves his puppy......

Judah and Gus both celebrated their 2nd birthdays in March.   Here, Judah gets to open a 'late' gift/card.....

One of the main events of March was the arrival of Wightson and Linda from Zambia.   Wightson has a job on a farm outside of Wetaskiwin -  they are living with Vinjelu and Kathryn.  Their girls are Nchewemi and Luutandwa.  Wightson has been Vinjelu's best friend for many, many years.  It was an exciting day!!!!  (too bad this was just when I began to be sick, so we did not see them until they'd been here already for 2 weeks.)

Vinjelu and Kathryn attended a worship conference in Medicine Hat this month.  Imagine their surprise when they opened the material given them at registration to find a full page photo of Vinj on the schedule page!   It had to have been taken when he attended a conference last November, hosted by the same 'church'.   I think it is an awesome photo.

Kath texted a couple of 'poems' Seth dictated to her for school.........

When we lived in Louisiana, the cardinals that frequented our bird feeder were some of my favorite birds.  I loved watching them and wished they lived as far north as Alberta.   So, when I saw this 'photo' of a 'Canadian Cardinal', I had to save it.  LOL.   Too bad we can't outfit the cheery red birds like this so they will come!

This photo obviously was not taken recently, but it was posted this month and Finn is just too cute!

Hezekiah had an in depth 'sleep study' done in March.  He and his parents spent a night at the Stollery - he with wires hooked up to nearly every part of his body.   The results were not happy - he has 10 incidents of apnea every hour, lasting anywhere from 3 - 30 seconds.

Still, no monitor given.

So, Mommy still gets little sleep.

This is Michael's house, showing off one of the products Michael sells and installs.

He didn't really put the rocks on his house - he found a way to take a photo of your house and then using a computer program, show what it would look like with the various different product choices he has........That reminds me - I should be able to get a photo of my house now so we can choose something for the front of our addition.  (The snow has melted quickly)

Can't think where this was taken, but Wezi is being shy - there aren't too many photos of him like this.

The snow melted enough for these two little guys to ride bikes!  Yay!

Gus...."Put on a Happy Face"....LOL

I love these kids!  Such a cute photo, too.

As the weather warms, everyone begins to come out of 'hibernation' to go for walks......

Ty and Finn, still riding bikes.......

Finn got a haircut......

Love that crooked little grin.....

Mr. Hezekiah.....

Candice's guys.....

Candice seemed to get as much fun out of the 'car' we gave Gus for his birthday as he did!  LOL

I think Finn is playing with a car during his dinner - hence the funny face.  LOL

Little Drummer boy.....

Happy baby boy......

How much does Rob love Lana?   Enough to go to a coffee shop with her.  :)

Sunshine and blue skies make going for walks a pleasure - especially when the temperature is hovering around zero.

Daddy Daughter cuddles.  So sweet.

Typical Wezi.

Looks like the snow was melting pretty quickly.....

March 20 marks the 34th  birthday of our first daughter, Anna Kristine (Kristy).  Jim used a photo of her as his 'wallpaper' and then sent me the screen shot.

A series of happy Hezekiah shots.....

Here is Kaden, dressed in one of his daddy's 'church' outfits......

(At first, when Mike sent this to me, I thought it was an old picture of HIM!)

(PS  Andrew had a matching outfit - in turquoise.   LOL.   How can you tell it was the 80's?)

A series of photos sent to me by Kath.....Taliah, modelling a new 'girly' outfit .......

With Wightson and Linda moving in to their home, Vinj and Kath had to make room for them - they (with help from family and friends) cut a window in the 'store room' in the basement then painted, wallpapered, and decorated a room for themselves and Hezekiah, leaving the (much warmer) upstairs bedroom for the Zambians.

I saw this 'poster' on facebook and thought "How true."

Mike texted me this photo of his meeting with a rather large celebrity......

I've missed my family these last 3 weeks and appreciated those who have called to check on me, texted me photos to keep me 'in the loop', and even dropped by to keep me company.

Hopefully, I will have a bit more 'activity' around me to post about in the near future.  :)