Saturday, June 07, 2014

Candid Shots from the Tree Cutting Day on Which We Also Celebrated Emma's Birthday

"I'm taking requests......My Dad will bring the tip jar around..."

"Gus gets tips?  How come I never get tips?"

"I'll give you a tip.....always wear your helmet"

"What's Papa doin' to that tree, Mommy? And Ty says I should wear a helmet."

"What phone?"

"You really should make sure he gets tips, too, Lana"

"Who gets tips?  I should get lots 'cause I'm so cute"


"Auntie Canny thinks I'm cute...."

"And so does Auntie Tor...."

"Auntie Lana gave me a tip....she told me not to put this toy in my mouth because it's the dogs' chew toy......Thanks, Auntie"

Captain America to the Rescue!!!

Conversation between 'the girls'......

And.....a little SuperHero interrupts.....

A cameo performance by the 'birthday girl'....

I love taking photos of these two little girls with their heads happens often, as it turns out - and not only over a smart phone....

Love this photo.....

Jim had been sick in bed for 3 days before this......the work of cutting down the trees kind of wore him out.....

Before we could leave to put Jim to bed proper-like, we gave Emma her birthday gift.  (She turned 14 on the 28th of May......FOURTEEN!!!!

Kathryn summed it up....."In only 4 years, Emma will legally be an adult!"

PS.....the glasses are for effect, make her look cool(er).

I actually 'hit the ball out of the park' on this one......

The Obligatory 'Stand at the Door for 15 minutes before you actually leave' scene.....

Tickle time for Judah.....

"Thanks, Grampa!"

One more cute little boy.....

Still at the door, saying goodbye.....

As soon as we left, the rest of the crew sang 'Happy Birthday' and had cake.

Friday, June 06, 2014

A Busy Monday

Monday morning dawned bright and sunny.  A perfect day to go pick up the table and chairs I'd ordered about 6 weeks ago.  (Before Jim 'quit' his job)

We were taking Jim's truck so we could use the box for (I thought) the purchase.  But, Jim was thinking ahead better than me and before we left, he cleared out the back seat of his truck, depositing the contents in our back hall.......

Is it any wonder we can never carry passengers with us in his truck?

Not sure what he'll do with all this now.......

But, we aren't thinking of that right now.

My purchase was waiting for us in Thorsby - about an hour and a half away.

I was glad when Jim drove over Highway 2 - that meant we'd be taking the 'scenic route'.  We soon turned off the oft-travelled Hwy 13 onto a secondary road with which neither of us  were familiar.  

Actually, it seems kind of incredible, given the amount of work Jim has done around Central Alberta, that neither of us had ever driven this particular route - nor ever been to or through Thorsby!

What a beautiful drive!

The rolling hills were covered with bright green pastureland, dusted with the golden yellow of that most dreaded of all springtime growth.....dandelions.   Between the pastures, stands of Cottonwoods, Aspen, and some Willows stretched their spring-green branches against the sunny blue sky.

When we reached the small town of Thorsby, we were surprised to find a manufacturing plant as the first building we encountered.

Did you know that "Arctic Spa" Hot tubs are made in Thorsby?  There is also a 'factory outlet' store for Arctic Spas there.   Another manufacturing industry seems to be communication towers for the oilfield - so 2 main employers for the 950 or so people who live there.

Our GPS got confused and told us our destination address was an Esso Station on the corner of the highway through town so we ended up finding the place using the old fashioned method of streets and avenues combined with common sense and just driving around.  LOL.

I found "Knotts & Stuff" on facebook - take a look here -  Erin, the person behind the name creates many different pieces of furniture and decorations - some custom made.   I saw a photo of a set of Child's table and chairs that she had made for someone and eventually put an order in for a set for our playroom.   (The kids' tables/chairs we already had were either falling apart or becoming too small for the number and size of children using them!)

Jim was right to have emptied the back seat of the truck!  He used it for the SIX chairs!

Here is our new addition, set up in our back yard.....

And here it is, in the playroom.....

(Same set - different lighting makes the color a little darker inside)

I'm very pleased with the end product and I think the children will be, as well.

On our way home, we stopped at the Co-op Country Junction for some garden seeds.

I also bought some plants for my container garden - many of these plants (which are far fewer than I normally get) are actually vegetables and herbs rather than 'just' flowers.

They got rather 'thirsty' and a little wind-blown in the back of the truck - even protected somewhat by the table.

But, aside from getting a good drink, these plants will have to wait.

We spent the afternoon planting potatoes.

Jim thinks we need more, so there will be another 'potato planting day' in the near future.

By the end of the afternoon, we felt we'd accomplished quite enough for one day.

Thursday, June 05, 2014


Black Fungus.  Or Rot.  Or something.

It had infested the large, beautiful Mayday Tree in Robert and Lana's front yard.

Being airborne, this disease is extremely contagious to other Mayday Trees.  (Thankfully, only to Mayday Trees).

Last year, he cut off all the infected branches, hoping that would halt the spread.

As you can see (above) it did not.

In fact, it spread to two of his trees in the back yard, as well.

So, they all had to come down.


Ironically, the last day of May was the last day for the Mayday trees in Rob's yard.

Lots of consultation going on......

"MAYDAY!  MAYDAY!  Someone's got a chainsaw near me!!!"

LOL.  (That was Andrew's joke)

Jim took control of the chainsaw......

Rob and Andrew cleared away the branches, piling them in one spot....

And, it's gone......

In pieces......

We brought this part home with us - for the firepit......

After a bit of a rest, they went out to the back yard, where they had telephone wires strung high above the alley to contend with.

Oh yeah, plus it was raining.....

No more pretty, white flowering Mayday trees around the perimeter of the back yard.

There is one small tree left that seemed to have escaped the plague.  Hopefully.

It was good to go help Robert with this big job!